Listing Fee
From 0.01 USD to 1.00 USD 10.00%
From 1.00 USD to 5.00 USD 7.50%
From 5.00 USD to 25.00 USD 5.00%
From 25.00 USD to 100.00 USD 4.00%
From 100.00 USD to 500.00 USD 3.00%
From 500.00 USD to 5,000.00 USD 2.75%
From 5,000.00 USD to 99,999,999,999.00 USD 2.40%
Second Category Fee 0.40 USD
Additional Pictures Fee 0.10 USD
Highlighted Items Fee 1.00 USD
Bold Item Fee 0.40 USD
Enlarge Picture Item Fee Free
Super-sized Zoomer Fee Free
Home Page Featured Items Fee 1.50 USD
Category Featured Items Fee 1.10 USD
Home Page Featured-Plus Fee Free
Category Featured-Plus Fee Free
Reserve Price Fee 0.60 USD
Swap Fee 4.00 USD
Buy-it-now Fee 1.00 USD
Custom Start/End Time Fee Free
List-Till-Sold Fee Free
Media Upload Fee Free
Wanted Ad Setup Fee 0.60 USD
Classified Ad Setup Fee Free
Classified Ad Contact Info Fee Free
Counter Style Fee Free
Listing Designer Fee Free
Subtitle Fee Free
Listing Icon Fee Free
Feedback Importer Setup Fee Free
SkypeMe Setup Fee Free
Store Account Types
Expert Store 200 items; Price: 30.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
Advanced Store 50 items; Price: 10.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
Medium Store 10 items; Price: 3.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
Basic Store 2 items; Price: 1.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
End of Item Fee - paid by seller
From 0.01 USD to 7.00 USD 2.00 USD
From 7.00 USD to 10.00 USD 4.50%
From 10.00 USD to 50.00 USD 4.00%
From 50.00 USD to 250.00 USD 3.00%
From 250.00 USD to 1,000.00 USD 2.50%
From 1,000.00 USD to 99,999,999,999.00 USD 2.20%
NOTE: We are Tax/VAT free!
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